Tayko : Sketch #38 - Comet

Hey Guys! :smile:
looks like i’m a bit late to the party so i hope i will be able to get this one done in time.

Final Version :

Thumbnail Gif :
The cometamorphe

[First Draft Post Below]

The Cometamorphe
Idea :

The player turns into a comet and rush the enemy at high speed before impacting it.

Here is a rough and quick version of the comet fx i was able to do today :
Cometamoprhe V1

Moodboard :


Wip for the Impact Fx :

Cometamorphe Impact_V1


Such a cool and smooth trail! Can I ask you how you did that? My trails are always jagged

Hey Zemasu, Thanks! :smile:

For that trail i reduced the “Min Vertex Distance” parameter, that way it creates segments more frequently and looks less jagged, i also make sure my trail width curve is as smooth as possible, so no highly contrasted values like going from 0 to 1 in no time

just like that :

Trail Vertex Distance

About the trail looks (and the project in general), i will be posting a more detailed breakdown soon :comet:

Final Update

Managed to get my effect done in time, Yay! :partying_face:

I’m not sure if i will have the time to do a full breakdown as i said, but if you have questions you can always asks them :smile: