Tayko : Sketch #13 WIP



First time participating in a challenge, let’s see how it goes!

Some keypoint for this effect :
_Rainbow Rocket
_Colorful Smoke
_Punchy movement
_Phosphorescent explosion

For this effect i’m trying something very different, as a programmer i also love when i can interact with my stuff (who don’t) so i’ll be including a fully usable and game ready system for the rocket launcher. this mainly include moving rockets mid air but i’ll see if i can add some other goodness to it.

Here is my starting point for the effect (scene only, no vfx yet)

Rocket launcher from : https://sketchfab.com/models/b75c291674f641b08e7834bbb1e1be8d#

Good luck to everyone! :smile:


Programming is now done (90% atleast), i can now focus on the visual effect itself,

Just to see how the motion rendered, i tried to add some random colors, i thought it looked fun :rainbow:



Woah. I hope you share the BP for this!, this looks ultra cool.



I’m using unity for this, i’m a UE4 noob so i won’t be able to answer your question entirely, but.
in case someone wants to reproduce it in unity here is the C# scripts -> (https://mega.nz/#!a2YjHbQA!gt2w8-zmKqqgqf3OPx5-3mwEKwuTHLZ5AeT7FzftA6c)

As of unreal engine i think you want to divide your blueprint in 2 parts, one instantiating the rocket and another attach onto the rocket who propulse her.

I’ll make it short for you:
-> spawn rockets with a rotation between 20 and 170 in the y axis and 0 to -50 in the x axis (for variation)
-> make the rocket fly forward with a random speed between 45 to 60 (that’s my setup)
-> force the rocket to adjust her rotation by calculating the direction between the rocket and the target.


needs to be shooting out of a unicorn butt! :smiley:

nice work!


Quick update

I refined the missile shape, included an impulse to the trail when hitting and added more complex motion aswell.