Talrascha : Sketch #29

Hi all :wink:

On this challenge i want to make a magic projectile following this concept (i drew it) :

I’ll be using it for a game too (Skeleton Tale), because it matches the theme really well, and i’m in charge of reworking the VFX on it.

Cu…soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! was this drawed by PS?

Yep photoshop used. but it’s simple, could have been on any painting software u know.

Our little buddy integrated in unity. The game is in some lowpoly style with HDRP.


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I split the pumpkin in parts and created some physical explosion (still lacks the “smoke and guts” part of the impact and the casting FX).
Btw, this will be casted by a sorcerer/witch character, of course.
I think it’s too short for anyone to notice it’s actually a pumpkin…i don’t really know how to change that because i need the skill to be fast and responsive. (and i can’t turn the color to orange because the witch spell colors are purple in the game…or maybe i can…mhh)




After some talk with the game designer, it’s ok for a bit of orange ^^
Added some explosion effects too.
I’m wondering if i should do the trail differently.
Needs some casting effect at start too and i’ll call it done!


Its a great reference! Thanks for share!

hello, i’m sorry i don’t understand, what ref are you talking about?