Szamak77 - Sketch #59: Light

Hi. I’m Szamak new here, new in vfx, new in animation, new in drawing, generally I’m learning cool stuf.

I will try to make my first laser beam using opentoonz.

Idea was man turning arround scaning terrain by looking and his eyes shooting laser beams.

Today I though that will be easier and funnier when cat will scan. So I look for some reference, found this gif Kokhun Cat GIF – Kokhun Cat Turnaround – odkrywaj i udostępniaj GIF-y.

Now I have something like this.

Next step - I added some glow to eyes and beams.

With Glow

I don’t understand schematic and functions yet, so it could looks wired.
Schematic for glow

So I finish it for now. I know that it’s very simple and don’t want to bore you.
Have a nice day.


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Cats and lasers are never boring! Great stuff :smiley:

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