Syros : Sketch #18 - Hologram - WIP

Hello everybody \m/ it has been a year that I have been checking out RealTimeVFX frequently and learning heaps from this amazing community, so a huge huge thanks to all of you \m/ \m/
As I have a soft spot for Holograms I though it would be awesome to come over and jazz along.
My ref will be all the amazing Holograms we all saw in BladeRunner2049, I gathered some shots and quickly briefed out my main points of interests along, I might diverge along the way, who knows! we jazzing hey :slight_smile: so lets see.
I will be using UE4 I reckon.


So I had a go with Ryan Brucks’ ray marching ( was ShaderBit’s plugin in UE4, also a huge shout-out and cheers , I learned/got motivated heaps by his stuff \m/). links and video:
I though it can be cool to have a haze , transparent smoke kinda thing laying under neath the hologram, so I imported that into my UE4, had a Skull model which might be a scanned one, cant remember frankly, I will swap it with another model later, added two horns to it of course, just wanted to test pretty quick, Opened up Houdini and followed this video to get the flip-book of the skull geo!
From there I quickly made a scene in UE4, swapping my texture with Brucks’ in his materials and having fun for a couple of hours just by changing params hahahaha, FX is real fun :smiley:
So far I have done NOTHING by myself, hehe. except creating a MRI texture of a horned skull and having fun playing with some values and rotating around a cube! need to fix that tiny bug on the top in the texture as well.
This method is only static I will use it for just some frames and may be start and end stuff, lets see, so far it was all about the fun, and don’t forget this is only a CUBE in UE4!
Road Map: Need to create a shader, a particle system and may be an animated model, obviously lolz!

04_Skull_AfterImport_S 05_Skull_AfterImport 06_Skull_AfterImport_S 07_Skull_AfterImport_S 08_Skull_AfterImport_S


Whooohooo! I like this one, also of course of BladeRunner2049 :stuck_out_tongue:
Mooore please :smiley:

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That volume rendering and the overall “foggyness” feel look friggin’ AWESOME ! :grinning:
really curious on what you’ll tie the particle system with that !

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