SWF to PNG sequence and spritesheet

Hello everyone!

I found a program that I’m really happy with. I create a lot of my effects with flash (or animate) and exporting them to a sheet can be a real pain. Especially when I have an effect with a lot of movie-clips (because I want to add effects like glows). This program actually creates a png sequence or spritesheet directly from your swf.

So I hope this helps some people, because it helped me a lot!



Sweet! Movie Clips are such a pain that I usually do all my post effects in photoshop. But this definitely simplifies the workflow. My technique is a bit more involved. lol

Maybe I’ll make the switch!

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And if you want even MORE options, I made a post here with a few: Using 3ds Max and Houdini effects in Unity - #2 by NateLane :smile:

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Try TexturePacker too. Swf movie symbol support as well

Haha, yea I used to use your tutorial, the problem was mostly with exporting movieclips.

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You can try GhostCatTools, directly into the sequence diagram on the line https://code.google.com/archive/p/ghostcat/downloads