Stylized Zelda camp fire breakdown

Hi everyone,

I have published the breakdown of the effect that I do previously in the last year. You can find it from my blog.

Final results

Three elements

Shader of fire

Shader of smoke

Shader of embers

Thank @simonschreibt for the brilliant speech



Hi there! I love your fire, it looks great! I’m currently making something similar but I just can’t quite crack the code to your fire shader graph because I’m unable to tell what your texture’s Alpha is like. I know it’s been over a year, but would it be at all possible to post the texture you’re using? Watermarked is fine, I just can’t quite grasp your math without seeing all 4 texture channels :smiley:

You can find this from my blog link

Here is you can find the result of each channel in my substance designer snapshot.


Wow! I never thought you’d even reply. Thanks so much for sharing your methods, you’re very kind! :bowing_man:

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