Stylized vfx in unreal engine 4?

HI vfx people. Im very new to vfx and i really like love stylized particles like in World of warcraft and leauge og legends.
So i was wondering as the titels says, is it possible to create stylized vfx in unreal Engine 4 or is unity a better and more commonly used in the game industry?

of course it is possible. here is a talk i did some months ago about the vfx of time :slight_smile:


oh tnx for the reply i will look at it :smile:

It’s totally doable, as I’m doing that right now. In the latest versions of Unreal though you need to turn off a few settings or your stuff will look bad

oki tnx for the replys:smiley: . also for waht i understand there is some diferent technices u can do with like bigger meshes or using planes and animating textures on them which i would like to try both of those. but i cant really find any good tutorials about that and im wondering if u know any good ones?

This should have most of the resources you need to get started Getting Started in Real Time VFX? Start Here! - #12 by Travis

this might interest you as well. i wanted to have stylized look (1 color without shading) and here is how it works:

oh tnx guys :smiley: i will look at Everything and see if i can find something, its a bit overwhelming but i will try to narrow it all down a bit :smiley: