Stylized Fireball shot

Hey guys, I got some great feedback on my rough draft and now have a first pass of my effect in engine and I’m hoping to get some more awesome words of wisdom from you. I have time to polish so have at it!

also here is a link to my earlier work in progress I decided to go with a residual burning effect and ditch the smoke.


wow this came out great! i think ditching the smoke was a good idea.

before the fireball is thrown, it looks like it comes to a complete stop. i think that kind of breaks with the idea that the object is spinning it around for momentum (or at least that’s the idea it gives me). i think if you let the fire ball drift upwards a little more before you snap it down would be great. not so much to lose that snap you have though.

with the impact, i think you can play with that still. with the fireball traveling that fast across a distance it could burst a little more on impact. more flame could spread out and dissipate behind the object.

i like the camera shake a lot but make sure the impact is able to stand on its own.

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Thanks! I love both ideas of having a larger flame on impact and adding some upward momentum before the snap.

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This turned out really cool! I really like the windup and projectile speed anim.

Like @Ryan said - You can play a bit more with the impact. The initial flash isn’t snappy enough and it could easily be combined with a flash having streaks going in the same way the fireball was travelling (the direction you’re having your dissipating flames going in). Right now it’s a little hard to connect your big flame that arcs and the small flames in the explosion to the actual impact.

But other than this I think it really looks great! I’m going to take some inspiration from your work. :smiley:

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I tried to address some of the timing issues but mostly wanted to get a second pass on the impact and explosion. Let me know what things still feel off, thanks!!


Hey man this is looking pretty rad so far. One thing that sticks out to me is that the timing on the licks of fire shooting off of it feel a bit disconnected. They start slow and end fast where as if it’s dissipating energy then it would carry the momentum of the fireball before slowing down. Thinking of the flow of energy for each element and how they’re linked together can help unify elements a lot.

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Thanks, I think I’ve been looking at this too long, its nice to have some fresh eyes!

I think this will be my last update for this effect.


while you might not update the effect any further, if you ever have to make something similar again, consider having the projectile not going in a straight line, but follow a more curved line that ties the rotation around the caster better with its movement towards the target. this will make it feel much more flowing and organic.