Rough draft 1, Critique: Style and Timing pass. (fireball)

This is my first post, so Hi everyone. Looking for some tips on how to spice up my fireball animation. Just looking to flesh out an idea for how I want my final effect (UE4) to look.

second pass: after the first handful of comments

A little spicier.

snappier yet

my reference page:


Dragon Trainer Tristana VFX - Behind the Scenes

will help you, thats all you need atm.

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nice! i like the little spark in the beginning. are you going to bring flipbooks into ue4 then and keep this style?

I think a little bit of drag as the fireball whips around the first circle would be cool like a trail of smoke (maybe even still glowing red from the heat), and a little bit of emphasis at the point where it is being thrown across the screen so it really punches. right now it just feels like one speed, but that might be what you intended.

also am i staring at it from top down or side? not sure if you are going for arcing or homing. it looks like it starts to home in half way across.

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Yeah, I’ve been watching Keyserito on YouTube the past month learning how to do flip books so I could get more stylized FX. I like the idea of varying the speed and adding some glow to make it feel hotter. thanks.

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Fireball seems to be going a consistent speed from start to finish in my eye. Imo, the speed the fireball is moving should double from the time it crests over the top of the first circle. The build up from spawn and moving around the bottom half of the circle feels good, but then it just seems to coast after that. I like the impact, but the elements there seem a bit linear in lifetime as well. If you speed up the fireball, then I’d recommend cutting the fiery part of the explosion’s lifetime down a bit, but increase the lifetime of the smoke and let it linger a bit longer. The spark ring could use a touch of drag at the end of its life as well.

Again, just my two cents, so take it with a grain of salt

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