Stylized Explosion

Sharing this stylized explosion vfx inspired by this community :smile:


Smooth looking stuff!

Are those smoke + flames particles billboards?

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Yes it is combination of different noises and just dissolve it.

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Looks great!
But for me async flash looks a bit jaggy. Initial light lines and ground light spot have time gap. Maybe if you would shift back the ground light spot at 3-4 frame - would be better.

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Thanks for that! I’ll really should start checking it frame by frame.

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This is really cool! One minor timing critique: The explosion feels like it came a few frames earlier than expected, as the missile hadn’t quite reached the center of the explosion, maybe delaying it until the missile reached the point of impact might feel better (maybe not! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Might touched the tip! Kiddin haha thanks for the feedback need to improve my timing.

Are the smoke particles and fire particles separate? Or are they one material, and you’re just dissolving the emissive first?

Yes you’re correct, that’s only one material by just adding those 2 layer (fire, smoke), I also use unique noise per each layer. To finalize, I did add some subtle UV distortion to add some sprite movements.


Awesome, thanks for the info!

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WOW, nice effect :+1:

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nice looks:grinning:

Looks great. Just little bit blurry