Stylish cartoon black-white screen FX

Hi, I try to make like this cool black-white screen FX .
but I am not sure this workflow is correct.
make post-processing material → animate in Level Sequence or BP?.

Someone know better approach?

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Yeah that workflow is the normal way of doing a black&white flashframe.
Create a pp-material and animate it either inside a script or a sequence :smiley:
Not really a lot other options that make sense (but also depending on the engine you are using obviously)

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Not sure where @Kashaar posted it, so tagging him for his setup.

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You could also spawn a translucent particle right in front of the camera (covering the whole screen), read SceneColor & SceneDepth and then tweak it to what you need (Black & White). This will allow you to animate in out via Niagara a bit more easily, if needed.

Another way that I have never tested before, which might work: Use the custom component renderer inside Niagara. Spawn a post process component with your Blendable Black&White post process material in it.
Unfortunately it’s a bit harder to animate the post process volume this way, but there might be a workaround.


I had posted this on Discord - message link here for posterity: Discord

I indeed did this with a sprite as well, not a postprocess effect.

Higher quality: Impact Frame effect from the Discord archives - YouTube

Material graph:

Applied to a Niagara sprite that flashes (white) color and opacity twice like this:


In general I would always prefer to do this kind of thing with sprites rather than postprocess materials, just to keep effects self-contained and dependencies to a minimum. I like my projects to optimize for the minimum amount of complexity needed, so that they’re easy to maintain and iterate on :wink:


Very cool! Hadn’t seen this before :slight_smile:

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it works. Thanks for soulution.
and add some dynamic parameters and control in NiagaraSystem,

and attach front of Camera in BP and spawning when shooting the gun.