"stick" a particle to another

I have a particle A that is moving, I want to stick another particle B to its position as it moves, spawning only once. (imagine a flaming skull, skull mesh and a flame subUV animation stuck onto it)

Ive tried using location events, but that just makes a trail of particles every tick. Ive also tried using sample from other emitter.

I could just add another render to the original particle, but it would limit the amount of control.

Are you using Unreal?

yes, sorry should have specified

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Then probably easiest and best method is to use multiple renderers in one emitter.

In Renderer → Bindings you can assign different parameters if you want them to have for instance different colors, sizes etc.


i see, this helps a lot thank you.

i have a question, in your first screen shot you have lens flare color and star flare color being set. how are you writing to them?

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amazing, thank you so much

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