Stefan Jevremovic - VFX Breakdowns

Heya all, So i will start adding breakdowns of the effects i did for Spellsouls mobile game for Nordues. I cant promise how frequent i will add but there will be more for sure. C&C are most welcome :slight_smile:
I will be editing this post with new breakdowns.


Click to see

Meteor Strike - Breakdown

Unstable Dome - Breakdown

Healing Pool - Breakdown


very nice effect + cool breakdown

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thanks for sharing. looking forward to see the others.


I absolutely love seeing breakdowns like these. This looks sweet :smiley: really looking forward to the rest :smiley: .

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(Minor note): It’s slightly counter intuitive, but if you simply put the link to a youtube or vimeo video on it’s own line, the onebox system will pull a nice embed/thumbnail- no need to use the hyperlink formatting. I’ve gone ahead and updated your current post.

P.S. Thanks for sharing these!

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Thanks man this is defiantly better! :wink:

Really interesting to see, thanks for sharing. Out of interest, what are you using to generate the flow maps?

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Thanks! Flow maps are created with Slate Editor -

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Thanks so much for sharing, this is great to see! I really enjoyed your talk at Unite and had a question about your shader and the emission property from the main texture’s Green channel. Is this just a separate color, or LUT, overtop of the base of the texture?

I love seeing such great examples of FX for mobile. Keep up the great work.

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Hey man thanks a lot! So we have checkboxes all around. We mostly use (Unity automatic compressed grayscale) textures. By default R,G,B are using flat colors. We can turn on Use Green Channel as emission, Use Blue Channel as Alpha, and Red Channel is always used for main color, But we can also check to use LUT texture. In case if we have on texture Emission and LUT intersecting in texture, the Emission is Added on the top of LUT colors. (also if channels are different than we use 16bit compression).

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

I love that healing pool effect! great work!

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Thanks for share your excellent breakdowns.Love the healing pool effect!BTW Looking for another…:heart_eyes:

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Holy man these are great to see! I particularly like the way you’ve broken each element out along the side of the video, and have the mesh wire frames included. Thanks so much for posting these Stefan :smiley: Can’t wait to see more in the future :squid:

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