Starting up the freelancing business, from the ground up!

Hello good folks!

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on the forum even though I’ve been lurking a bit. I’ve been busy with work and life, you know.

Some major things have happend since I was active last.
Me and my wife bought a house! Yay for us!
Very recently I also quit my job. Which meant that I finally had the chance to fulfill one of my goals: Starting my own game dev related business!

I’ll be focusing on doing VFX but I have some very interesting modeling opportunities coming up as well!

So right now I’m in the progress of renovating the old garage into the new command center from where I will conduct all my evil plans. I’d love to hear tips and tricks on starting and running your own freelance business and I’ll try to share my own along the road :slight_smile:

And if you would like to I can share photos of the renovation progress too! The garage is a separate building so I won’t be sitting inside with the family when working later on, which was one of my criterias when we were looking for a house to buy.

  1. get a custom desk if possible, or one that can be changed in height.
  2. Make sure you have room to expand. (My desk has 3 monitors and it still feels like I need more room :p)
  3. Contact someone who knows taxes and such, see what can be done to reduce amount of tax/vat you pay. (example: some countries have tax treaties for digital goods, like Netherlands > America)
  4. Get a really good chair.
  5. Get something you can do when frustrated/waiting/installing/experiencing win10 being a bleeping bleep again like a pull up bar, push up handles, weights, something.

Really good tips @Luos_83! And a suuuper late reply from me.

I really was thinking and trying to find a way to implement a pull up bar in the office while I was building it but I think some standalone installation somewhere should work ok. Desk and chair will come in time I think. :smiley:

@Luos_83 are you doing freelance full time?

And I finnished the renovations for the office at the beginning of February btw!
Here is a pic of the finnished office:

Looked like this before:

I had stripped the walls prior to this and added more insulation + made a hole for the window.

Its 27 sqm so there is room to grow a bit!

I’m currently working for a small company here in sweden and it’s been a total bliss having a separate office building even if you are “at home” with all this corona stuff going on. Hopefully I’ll get to show some stuff from there soon!

Oh, I’m working on a logo too and I’d love to hear what you guys have to say!
Its on my new site:

I also felt like I really wanted to register a domain so that I could have an email that was related to my business rather than my normal-all-purpose email.


That room is nicely lit! hnng.
I really like it :slight_smile:

are you doing freelance full time?

I do, though I recently told my last few clients that I am going to take an indefinite break from freelancing because I kept dancing around a potential burnout.
So for the next X months I’ll be doing things that I enjoy.
Generally working on my own dreams instead of working on other people their dreams.

but yea, I made quite a decent living with only freelancing (and some ue4 marketplace packs), it helps to be very sociable online, making the tuts, and networking in general.

I’m glad you like it! :smiley:

Ouch. Were you taking on too much work?
What are you going to do now then?

I’ve been thinking of making some packages for UE4 marketplace and unity store. Would you say it’s worth the time? Are people still buying your packs?

Not sure if it was too much work, repetitive work, or just me not being the best when it comes to coping with stress/few very frustrating clients.
It feels wrong to post a recent project here, so lets try a spoiler tag :stuck_out_tongue:


As for the ue4 marketplace, The amount of sales (partially due to saturation, a lot of sales, and people trying underselling themselves) has been declining steadily, so unlike a few years ago, I would not put all my time and effort to get something on the marketplace.
But nonetheless, having a few decent selling packs on the marketplace can help with having some extra pocket change (or more) at the end of each month.

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