Sprite Sheet 10x10 in Unreal?

Trying to use a 10x10 sprite sheet in Unreal and it’s stuttering.

Is it not possible to use a 10 x 10?

Hi, always prefer a power of 2 for your texture size. Try a 8x8 or 16x16 instead :wink:
Otherwise, the engine won’t be able to build mipmap for this texture.

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I assume you are talking about the number of frames and not about texture size. Am i correct?
If so, 10x10 frames should be no issue (I have done that myself without stuttering at all)

Can you provide more Info and a video or a gif showing the issue and your settings?

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Correct, it’s a 2048x2048 but for some reason at a 10x10 row/column count the thing stuttered.

I tried different combos, 9x9, 10x10, but Unreal didn’t seem to like it.

I wound up with a 16x8 which was a little more frames than I wanted, but it didn’t stutter.