Special VFX edition of Artists are Amazing!

Hey guys! I made a special VFX edition of Artists are Amazing, showcasing some of the worlds best realtime VFX from the game art community. I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

This is my first time doing a vfx compilation, so I’d love to hear your opinions on it :slight_smile: Full list of artists can be found in the description.



Thanks for the video, contains amazing effects. Super nice that you linked all the artists with artstation-links. :slight_smile:

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Of course! I love making these compilations, there are a ton of talented artists out there that need more exposure.

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damn this is really cool, there were already 4 VFX artist I knew would end up in the video haha. Worth to also checkout @SrRubfish he is also very good :slight_smile:

So glad you enjoyed it! Currently working on part 2.
And thanks for letting me know about the artist! Added them to the future list :slight_smile:

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