Soyoung Kim - VFX Demo Reel Spring 2019

Hi all! A newbie here :slight_smile:
This is my first VFX reel and I want to share this with you guys.
I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you!



You are doing great for a newbie! good sense of colors and some nice setups!.
My only suggestion atm is to take a look at the principles of animation to get some more oomph!
But def a great job!

Also, welcome!


Your account here may be less then a month old, but what I see here does not imply newbie at all. Allow yourself some praise here, you did good overall. The one thing you need to look at in particular, as Luos has said, is giveing some animations some * SNAP. * Bam! * Pop! *

You’ve fallen into a classic animation issue where it looks like some of your animations are under water. The animation @ 1:00 for exsample. It’s… just floating there… why? Then when it moves it’s just… “Meh, I guess I’ll move”. Where’s the intent? Where’s the build up of anticipation? It’s not there. You could be visually saying something there, but you aren’t.

TL;DR - Good job noob. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you all so much for warm comments and feedback!

For the effects that you guys mentioned, (I assume the ones at 00:23 and 01:00)
I wanted them to look humongous. Like meteorite humongous.
As you know when THAT huge thing moves it looks like it’s moving underwater.
Maybe I should have put a human model or something.
But I agree with you guys. I’m gonna revise them. :wink: :+1:

P.s: Hey Luos I’ve been watching your tutorials and I just want to say I’m a huge fan!


Hi! this is a really great demo reel. :slight_smile:
The first effect was the only one that felt wonky to me. Those floating orbs on the trail feel so linear and don’t match the speed of the rest of the effect. There’s a lot of great diversity in your skill range to be seen.

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Hi Travis! Yeah, I agree with you about the orbs.
Thank you for your feedback :wink:

Good stuff :slight_smile: really well presented too!
Other than what people mentioned above, I’d rethink the choice of the floor material. It gives a bit of a ‘junior artist’s brick wall substance’ feeling, and it adds some higher frequency contrast that muddles up the readability of some of the effects, such as the fire glyph/meteor shower one. I’d go for something with very low contrast, maybe a more grid-like appearance. But overall this is very solid and impressive for a first reel!

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Hi Bruno :slight_smile: That’s a nice idea. Thank you!