Some Cartoon/Stylized VFX for Unity



Hi guys,

I created this VFX pack for Unity users, The look is cartoony and stylized. Sharing here some of them for your feedback and interests.

Cartoon Blast

Stylized Blast

Cartoon Thunder Storm

Cartoon Snow

Magic Spiral

Stylized Space Blast

Will post more as progress.

@AndreB @NateLane @Sirhaian @Sam @RahMorais @CellarPhantom


They are not up on the asset store yet? :slight_smile:


@CellarPhantom, They are on the asset store at the moment with the name of Variety Pack FX :slight_smile:


Hey Atif,

Thank you for your post and showing off your work. You are clearly very inspired by visual effects and I would urge you to keep going and look at what others have made on this site. There’s a whole trove of inspiration from masters of the craft.

I would urge you to look at more reference for the type of effects you’re trying to achieve and definitely look into working with shaders more. You don’t need to write your own shaders, Shader Forge is amazing for exactly this kind of stuff.

If there’s any help you need or advice, this site is full of amazing helpful people.


Here is some of my more recent work for Unity users. Sorry for the banding, Perhaps capturing issues, but its giving you a good glimpse of effects i suppose

Some Variety of Catch/Winning Points effects