Smokes 2d vfx aniamtion

Hey people! Here is some experimentations with drawing frame by frame crosshatching in TVPaint animation pro 11 over the animation which was done in Adobe Animate.
Artstation project link:


holy smokes!! this is glorious :smiley:


Thanks a lot my friend !!

It looks amazing, the left side gives me major high end anime vibes. And the right feels like an animated movie with some sort of dark undertone. Love it!

Btw what is the fps you animated in? It looks so smooth.

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Thanks a lot for such pleasant feedback. I animated in 24 fps and drawing on 2’s

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Good job man :+1: ) Next step is probably swirling and twisting smoke…not that easy withough houdini solver hehe :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! Yeah ! Swirling and twisting smoke its more harder tasks , but i’ll handle it… i hope :sweat_smile:

Stunning artistic/technical work Ivan!

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Hey Will ! Glad to see you here , my friend. Thanks so much once again for your kind words !

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