Smoke Texture and Geo UE4

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this with yall on how I made this smokey VFX
It is a fairly simple geo, with a texture scrolling throw it.
Scale over time, and a dissolve fakes how it dies out near the end.


Geo: simple Tube shape, with vertex alpha:
image mark-khalil-wireframe3

Smoke Texture: flame painter is a great start! but i normally repaint most of it out, because it is often a bit too realistic or noisy

Material setup: the dynamic param is to control the random UV offset that gives it a bit more of random look to each geo that spawns. The random speed on the UV pan, also gives it a nice random “rotation” as the UVs pan slightly to in the right.


I absolutely love this solution! It looks way cleaner than some other stuff Ive seen using ribbons or trail emitters. Thanks for sharing!

P.s. I may experiment with this technique for fun. I hope you dont mind!

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please do! share what you got in the end, i would love to see it :smiley:

Great job man. Your stuff is getting real good. I had to double take when I saw your name. Came across this and showed Platt. It was not until later that I saw who made it. Reverse fresnel I love it. Keep up the good work and hope you are doing well.


thanks man! means a lot coming from ya :smiley:
oh u caught the reverse fresnel! haha, it is a lot of fun just to play and fool around with stuff like that.
There is so much to learn, so lil time.

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