Smoke dissolve texture

How to make dissolve smoke as in the video?
Smoke effect starts at 2m45s

I mean how to draw a Black and white texture managed by dissolving? Any advice, if I do not know how to draw, how to simplify this process?

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Would be handy to ask for which engine or what purpose.
anyways, here is how I do it in ue4: (mat function)

Input Alpha is for whatever cones for that, your regular alpha channel etc.
0-1 input if for “over time” or “particle relative time” or “particle color alpha” etc.

Opacity control is just so i have a few more options, can be ignored.

it helps to have a slightly cloudy/noise texture for the alpha input so the erosion can actually take place.


If you dont know how to hand draw it (it looks like hand drawn 2D animated textures). I would suggest you to learn after effects , it has some handy effects that will help with achiving dissolving. But it depends what exactly are you aiming for.


Well, thanks for the shader. But the question is how to draw a erosion maps for the clouds? Who has any preferences?

The goal to make the same cloud as video. For this purpose it is necessary to manually draw card for erosion. But I have a poor ability to draw. So please share your experiences and preferences in how to draw like that. What software use, etc.

honestly I’m not a great 2D artist, so it is better that a real drawing person in here will advice you.
in second thought this effect looks like it made in 3D software and was rendered out with an effect/shader, maybe some retouches in after effects.
check this for an example of dissolving the 3d object:

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Someone posted this a while back. LINK

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non-proportional fade is a trick

  • o.color = saturate [ i.color + (vertex.color - 1) ]

however it will not create a distortion of the shape itself… only threshold dissolve.

you can pair this with distortion/wave/displacements filters in something like After effects

take a cloud texture
apply distortion/displacment in AE to get a desired ‘wiggle’
scale it as much as you think you need
process it non-proportionally
output the sprite

that is a simplified way to create a sprite sheet without hand-drawn skill

(edit more accurate math for shader forge)