Slate Editor - 1.75 Update & Free for individuals!



Looks like it’s unavailable at the moment?


yup just at the moment, have to take care of a couple of sales portal issues. If you’d like to PM me I can sort you out immediately.


in the preview, I really like how slate blends the images. Would it be too much to ask for a gif or vid exporter?
This way I could make direct use of the blending and flowmaps and show off nice fluid and slow gif anims to the customer, just having painted some frames of an animation.
Atm I have to capture the preview and create a gif from that, would be nice to get rid of that step :stuck_out_tongue:


KILLER Idea! Could pipe in to FFMpeg potentially. I’ll throw it to the backlog


Super late to the party but Slate is a fantastic tool and I can’t wait what else @alex.underhill has in store for us (cough real time smoke sim generator cough)


Is there a way to get the last frame flow vector to loop to frame 1?

also: if you set “Scale Elements” to zero in sprite pack, it crashes. I see now that you have to set it numerically to make it crash.


Enable “Cyclic Generation” in the optical flow panel. It will sample frame 0 as the next sample, once it hits the final frame. Input art should loop as near as possible though, treat it as polish for a looper. I used it in this sample vid here:

I would always use it tbh, no one wants a blank motion vector for their last frame!

&Will fix that crash right now.


I knew it was in there somewhere…i just couldnt remember where!
Thanks for the super prompt response. LOVE THIS TOOOOL!


-Pressing the - button on search length causes a strange editor redraw.
-manually entering 0 into some options crashes the editor

-Documentation for the vector flow
-examples of flow optimization


Is the Website Down? if so where else can I find the editor? never mind found it through Facebook, I have been looking forward to this one!


Ah yeah, I’ve moved the website from the temp address to a proper one.

@Keith I can’t seem to edit the original post anymore - not sure why? Would like to replace some links.

Also a big update is coming pretty soon :sunglasses: Locked down on new features & now in testing.


Ah, I found the issue - we had a timer set to disable the OP’s ability to edit posts after 60 days. It’s now set to unlimited. I’m assuming this works retroactively, so please let me know if you can / cannot edit now.


I gotta say, exaggerated flow maps on fire are AWESOME.
The bendy warping of the flow gives it a surreal dimensionality.


well done! very awesome app!


I’m not sure if you’re still doing features, but I’ve been getting really into alpha dissolve effects lately and would love a feature that takes either a video or image sequence and “stacks” the frames on top of one another. I know I could make a Photoshop action to do that, but having it built into Slate would be awesome!


Distance field calculation would be a pretty damn cool filter.


@alex.underhill When will the website be back up? There are people here that need updates who were in the beta. And we’re all dying to see what’s up next! :slight_smile:


Is it possible use the anchor to offset the first frame? That would make centering the original point of expanding effects much easier. Not sure if I explained that clearly :S


Buting full version is “Currently unavailable – back real soon!” :frowning: Why? Is there any possibility to get full version?


Fantastic!! Waiting for this for a long time!