Slate Editor - 1.75 Update & Free for individuals!



Amazing app ! i want the full version too ! Unavailable :sob:


This looks really cool! Can’t wait to get an opportunity to use it!


Hey Alex,
Any idea on when the installer issues will be resolved and the Slate Editor will be available for purchase?



Howdy Alex, I’m got a new pc and I wanted to download it again but the site it not available. Any idea when its going to be back up?


tonight! (or in a few hours for the US)
(i really hope nothing else comes up)


RIght on!
Thanks Alex. Take care!



thanks, I’m trying!
All done!


Thanks! Awesome!


Free for personal, educational, and freelance use. That last bit is interesting, I’m not sure I’ve seen software stipulate freelance as being free before!


That’s a really cool thing to do. I think at the end of the day this is an optimal strategy for where the product is in the market. Houdini should do the same thing, but they have a far higher risk of piracy.


nice! can’t wait to check this out. also thanks for making it free for educational and freelance use - really great work!


First of all - thanks for sharing that! :slight_smile:
Slate Editor works great with “New from folder”, nice and easy. But unfortunately if i use “New from image” he crash. No any error messages, just nothig happened and windows just stop working i.e. im losing possibilities to close program, or open task manager, only hard reset.
Is that just me so lucky? :frowning:


Shoot me a PM and we can walk through it! Does the same happen if you just drag and drop that single image in to the window?

(It’s also highly likely there’s something on my end. I’ve tested this path pretty consistently as part of the file handling system but there’s always dangling things)


That look like im unable to use PM cause im new user, so there’s some restrictions because of that.

Back from reset: Yeap, drag’n’drop single image also will crash windows.


Ok, I sent you a message. I imagine that should work (?)


Thanks Alex Right on!