Sketch #49: Waterfall

Final submission

My current idea : see how to make a vortex and try to tie it all up together with a fall

sketch marker idea

using blender since I need to learn new tools more

first attempted layer to get the basic motions

and i am going to think about how much texture I want, no i mean to say how much texture i ‘dont want’, so ill be abstracting it more toon/illustrative



I did some painting to see what I think i wanted, something that seemed like 2D on watercolor

and some of the assets are shown as well as some thinkings.

made some progress on spinning wake trails,


im probably going to leave the funnel clean, rather than tons of bubbles/white foam because of how much I enjoyed the shaders look as you move the cam


Looks cool. It looks like

I look forward to when you finish your work.


Breakdown of the fun water wake I was musing over

Fun thing [UV coordinates]^3 to remap upperBound_Input when mapped to the geometry — the trail would have been much too thin at the start

Progress on the waterfall cliff

using the parallax tricks worked out here I wanted the cliff to distort as the main driver of water context and tone, but also the depth could also drive stones to stick out.
So height map is also a mask for noisy distortion that helps wrap foaming around the stones.

all together

probably going to add bubbles to break the connection, getting this to be seamless just isn’t going to be workable for a quick sketch, the vortex is a spinning object etc…


It’s already turning amazing !!! :eyes: Can’t wait to see where it goes ! :raised_hands:

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i might be done because I like where it is now at.

I solved the seam between cliff and vortex with some simple painting then remap helped control noise scale then added bubbles, mist and some sprays.

current breakdown

ill make a vid for the top post, but after a day or 2 to noodle anything more…can’t stop noodling.


i think the noodling is done

Waterall #49 super final_01 :laughing:

small skirt to ground the thing and touched up the seamless concept. a few more bubble splashes instead of big bubbles


:open_mouth: Damn, I can even hear it in my mind.

Whoaaaa … looks amazing. Where’s the Vote button ? 0.o

looks super cool! very well done! :hearts:

Thanks all for all the positive comments!

I’m happy with how this shaped up; It was fun to realize some of my ideas laying around and to use them in a practical visual.

Looks really sweet! I also like how well the POM trick is working here. Dope Stuff!

Not only is this a nice execution, but it feels like a very unique and interesting environment concept. I could totally see this as being a magical place the player makes return visits to, where they can level up skills or something! :smiley:

clairvoyant! I was about to dabble adding magical elements… as it goes along with a geometric rhino concept i’d made a while back



Hey !
Well done, the effect is awesome !

I was wondering how did you handle the Flow arround the rocks ?
It’s a bit blurry for me.
Did you get the position & create a kind of function to isolate only what’s is below and create the water separation ?
Or did you use something with distance field ?
Or it is simply a handmask mask for this parts ?

SO MUCH QUESTIONS in my head ahah

Or it is simply a handmask mask for this parts ?

A hand mask

  • a simple shader pans noise downward to give the illusion of refraction and it’s removed where the mask is white

  • Mask also dictates parallax height so the stones feel lifted out of the wobbly illustration and the water area is recessed

  • there is 1 last trick, the scale of the noise is relative to the mask as well… white = fatter distortion, the black portions become more detailed noise scale (but it is subtle to prevent visual tearing)
    [edit] this is bad, don’t do this! , varying noise scale continues to build up a delta causing tearing to worsen – it is not a precision issue it’s continuous shear.

leveraging human perception * illustration = illusion like refracted water
a wiggly painting to seem frothy

high res jpg of the shader

[edit] warning - note the remap applied to noise scale; Do not do this, noise scale can’t be variable since it is panning.

then this panning texture to add a top layer for some dimensional enhancement

In hind sight this all could/should be compartmentalized for optimization

  • waterfall isolated interior geo rather than a large mask that is under utilized blank area
  • cliff a static texture with actual rock geo
  • this had more to do with my very limited Blender skills and how far could I bend a parallax map technique with only 2 textures + noise and 4 fetches (at most, rather than >4 which was easily going to happen)
  • I was going to try to paint the mushrooms/moss/grasses and each rock facet of the cliff into the parallax — I stopped noodling just due to time investment , but the sketch i am happy with it as a proof of concept so-to-speak

Hello, I’m a beginner. Can I send a complete and clear node diagram?

I can’t see the above nodes clearly, because I’m a novice and can’t find relevant nodes for a long time.

The picture is too blurred.

Thank you.

much higher resolution

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Thank you very much for sharing. I have made it successfully