Sketch #40 Part 2/3: Winners and Badges!


We have our winners from this month! And this time around, quality > quantity has never been truer! Really 2 fantastic entries from this month that everyone is going to have an absolute BLAST jumping into for part 3 when you get to make skins of them based on actual project files (trust me, these 2 projects are absolutelly stellar :heart_eyes:) And your winners for this month are:

First Place: :1st_place_medal:


Second Place :2nd_place_medal:

Congrats to the winners this month @pataya and @Imaskari! They both also went the extra mile to prep the files for you all to mess with and make skins of so be sure to give them a shout if you get around to participating!

As stated, we will soon be posting part 3, which is a continuation of this, where anyone will be able to grab the project files and make skins of these 2 amazing entries :heart_eyes: :star_struck: Get ready!



Part 3 is live! And I just want to say, jumping into both of these files is an absolute blast, i’m excited to see what people do with part 3 :heart_eyes:

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