Sketch #40 Part 1/3: Winners and Badges!


We have our winners for this month, and there are 4 of them!! You heard that right, four! As originally pitched out we would celebrate the top 3 sketches, and in an incredible twist of fate, we also have a tie which last month we decided would result in both entries winning out! So I bring to you, by double our standard amount, 4 winners this month :heart:

First Place: :1st_place_medal:


Second Place (Natural 2nd) :2nd_place_medal:

Second Place (Tied 2nd #2) :2nd_place_medal:

Second Place (Tied 2nd #2) :2nd_place_medal:

Congrats to the winners this month, and special congrats to the 3 second place winners,
@PBJayz being the natural 2nd place, and @pataya and @Imaskari for the tie!! Thank you for all your participation in voting!

As a reminder, this months sketch is a literal continuation of this sketch! Take any of these concepts and create an effect based on them! Check out more here in this month’s current Sketch, Part 2/3: Music!


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Congratulation to the winners! I hope I can shovel open some freetime this month to participate on the next iteration :slight_smile:
Still cannot decide which concept to take. I love GreaseMacaque idea, but love the colors of PBJayz sketch :ok_man:

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