Official VFX Sketch #40: Part 2/3: Music

Background image source: League of Legends (DJ Sona)

:notes: :musical_note: Part 2/3: Music :musical_note: :notes:

Music Concepts:
GreaseMacaque: Sketch #40
Pataya: Sketch #40
Imaskari: Sketch #40
PBJayz: Sketch #40

(Last Month): Draw 2D concepts based on the ‘music’ thematic. Vote on your favorite concepts!

Month 2 (This Month): Anyone can pick one of the concepts and make an effect based off of it. Vote on your favorite VFX!

Month 3 (March): Winners post their projects and participants reimagine January’s winning entries. Think of it like a re-skin! Vote on your favorite reimaginations!

We’re excited to have the community working together these next 3 months and can’t wait to see what you make! Let’s jam :musical_note: !

Pick one of the concepts and make an effect based off of it.

Scoring and Winning:
As in the previous sketch we will be voting through a community voting system! Follow the challenge rules to up your chances of winning!

Submitting: Create a new topic in the " Events > 40 - Part 2/3: Music " category with your name and sketch number in the title (Like this: “DJ Sona: Sketch #40/2” ), and post your updates to your topic during the month!
Your first post should include the sketch which you want to reference.

When you are finished, Edit your first post so it holds the final concept in the form of Images or High-Quality GIFs.


  • Always cite your sources! Is your work based on someone else’s? Let us know! Always show your references.
  • All entries must be made during the running period shown below.
  • Do feel free to use any tool, system or workflow that pre-existed. Although we encourage experimentation.
  • Using a simple environment for presentation is allowed, but should remain simple and serve only as background.

December 1st → January 31st 11:59 PST

Favorite : Will recieve a golden badge and avatar icon.
Runner up : Will recieve a silver badge and avatar icon.
All Participants : Will recieve a participations badge.


:sparkles: :gem: Sketch Hall of Fame (People who have Sketch Diamond - x3 wins!) :gem: :sparkles::


Please reply with any questions, references, or tips and tricks!

Good luck, have fun!
:musical_note: :sparkles:


Also keep in mind for participants, by entering part 2 you’re agreeing to post your working projects if you are a winning entry at the end of part 2. For part 3, participants will re-skin/re-imagine your effects, directly off of your project files!

Additionally, you do not need to wait to see the winners of the concept phase, you are free to work off of any of the conecpts posted!


Do you plan to switch back to the old challenge system?) Cuz those rules seem to be a bit complex…i mean if there were more ppl participating it’d be fine but when it comes 4 mandatory concepts to choose from…it’s kinda weird…just my personal thoughts :slight_smile:


We try to mix some different challenges from time to time to keep them from getting stale :smiley:

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Yeah that defenitely makes sense! After all these sketches, at some point every ‘type’ has been a new risk, something that we didn’t try before. Somtimes they are more favored, and sometimes more niche, but I think that’s kind of what has kept it alive this long, and it’s always much clearer in retrospect what is more popular and what isn’t. That said we will defenitely be returning to some simpler rules/topics that are a bit more open ended (as well as maybe some in the future that may not be as popular).

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I actually really like the idea of doing a concept phase. Because I think some, especially beginners, have trouble with that and get a kickstart from having some concepts that they can build upon. If this format works well can also only be judged after all three parts are done.

I really favor the “mixing it up” thing. By now, if someone is willing the time and effort for a challenge, and the theme isn’t for them, nothing holds them back to just pick one of 30+ sketch themes and just make something. :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to see what comes out of this cool concepts!

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I can definitely appreciate trying new formats, but when I first saw this, it seemed like quite a bit of time invested in this music theme. And then of course we added another month for the holidays, so if I’m not mistaken, it will be a total of 4 months before we’re back to the standard challenge format. And even with the extra month, there were only a few entries at the very end.

And yes, certainly if someone didn’t enjoy the music theme, they could pick the theme of one of the many other past challenges… but then again, they could pick anything they want, at any time. I think the benefit of the challenge format is having a deadline to work toward and the healthy competition of seeing how you match up against your peers, and where you can improve. You lose that if you pick one of the old challenges that have already passed.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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