Sketch #23: Winners and Badges!




Thanks everyone for jumping in this last months “Cute Magic” sketch! It was inspiring to see all the amazing work! Your winners are…

1st Place :1st_place_medal::
@Bory :

2nd Place: :2nd_place_medal:

The winner this time around will also be receiving something we’re testing: an E-Critique from a VFX Veteran! Look for that post in the coming weeks!

If you didn’t have time to finish your entry, feel free to continue to iterate on it. Alternatively, if you want a fresh new challenge, take a look at this months Sketch. Thanks again for all the participation. We’ll see you in the next Sketch!


Congrats @Bory and @ErbGameArt!

Had to drop this one but I’m really glad to see so many people participating :sparkles:

Good job everybody!


Congratulations everyone, I liked the challenge theme very much! :blush::tada:


As promised, the Official E-Critique for the winning entry has been posted! Be sure to check it out!