Bory : Sketch #23



Hello, I’m Bory.

I have been learning Unity for 1 week now, I think participating will be a good way to keep progressing.
I’m going to try to create a transformation into a magical girl with Juliette as a character ( a simple sphere)

If you see something that can be improved or if you think you have better technique for something, I count on you to tell me!

|| _Magical Girl Effect : Final

|| Step 01 : References

Since I don’t have a precise idea yet, I decided to take several references

Magical Girl Anime :Sailor Moon - Doremi Magic - Madoka Magica - Mew mew power - Shugo Chara
Games : League Of Legend ( A New Horizon cinematics)
Kirby : ( All Games )

|| Step 02 : 3D & 2D Assets
I created a quick Juliette Sketch, then I started creating 3D elements for its future transformation


For the textures/alpha, I searched around the stars present in the Kirby games
After a short stint under Maya, here comes Juliette


|| Step 03 : Animation

For my animation I was looking for something a little punchy.


I also worked on the animation of the ribbon. I don’t know yet if it’s going to be useful to me, but I was on Maya. I used ncloth to do a little simulation.


And here is the final animation

|| Step 04 : FX

Main color :


  1. The ground

I spent time creating a ground for the transformation.
I wanted an impression of being in another dimension and having the possibility of a light coming from below Juliet.


  1. Particles

I learned a lot about the particles on this project, here are the 2 setup I used most of the time


I created a subgraph for the vertex color (because I was tired of doing it again)


  1. Juliette Shader

For Juliette’s shader, I wanted to create an aura that could spread from the bottom upwards
For this purpose I used a position node that I animated, combined with fresnel and simple noise texture


Hey there! The model looks cool and I am really curious how it will transform. Watch out with using faces/bodyparts etc as one of the rules reads " No faces, ears, arms, hands, legs, or other recognizable body parts allowed ."


Yeah, I’m just gonna use a ribbon and a headband, I don’t think it breaks the rules.


Added || Step 02 : 3D & 2D Assets : Juliette
Added || Step 03 : Animation

The rest will be in Unity, I have little knowledge about the software, it’ll be fun !


Added || _Magical Girl Effect : WIP

The rest in the week!


This actually looks so cute and lovely! Great job <3


nice!! this looks very kingdom hears cute!


Definitely feeling the Sailor Moon vibe. Nice job!


Added || _Magical Girl Effect : V2

I continued by trying to work a little more on the colors, now I will try to harmonize the whole thing


Added || _Magical Girl Effect : V3
Added || Step 02 : 3D & 2D Assets : Juliette
Added || Step 04 : FX : Color / Particles / Juliette Shader

I am approaching the end of the FX, after some feedback, I will try to improve the timing of the FX/Animation.
The final version should be available tomorrow.


Added || _Magical Girl Effect : Final
Added || Step 03 : Animation Final

And here’s my final version!
Feel free to give me your feedback, participate in this competition has been very rewarding, thank you for reading


Damn son, clean, precise