Sketch#11: Lee

i thought i’d have a little fun with this challenge, go for the “Army of Darkness” over the top fx :smiley:

Scene block in

found this awesome animation, that would fit perfectly with the scene. (I may use this as a stretch goal and maybe do something simple instead.)


I spent too many days on trying to get the animation to import correctly, that this entry wasnt working for me. This is revision 2. Works out better with the time remaining and I can practice creating more complex FX in Blueprint.

Completed the initial blockout and gameplay blueprints and temp textures are all set up. Now i just need to make the good stuff :smiley:

Meat Cube Grinder

Projectiles with blood trails and decals spawning on collision

Also projectiles colliding with the grinder

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Your splatter gun reminds me of splatoon :stuck_out_tongue:
nice start tho, im still fumbling around with my concept and idea :x

Thanks the splat is temp art, i pulled off the internet. I worked on a new blood impact this morning before work.

Simulation of fluid with a little viscosity in Houdini

started on the rendering of the decal diffuse / normal map

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Grab the latest development gamedev toolshelf. Luiz added alpha to the simple baker two days ago because I needed it for exactly this in my tutorial.


@AndreasGlad thanks. I was trying to find a tutorial for rendering out a normal map from this ( i tried mantra >extra image plane > N) the mesh has some nice ridges and bumps that look like pieces of flesh on the wall embedded :slight_smile:

Just drop in a simple baker node. Add a grid as your “low” and the flip as high. Tick normal and alpha, set resolution and hit render… Done



Hey Lee, this reminded me of a map in Mortal Kombat Deception. I know it’s a little old but might give you some ideas! :smiley:

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oh excellent reference!! :smiley: I have a cube of meat that spawns behind the spikes.

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i apologize for the lack of updates, been working extended hours :frowning: hope to finish it before the end.