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Here a little campfire, classic approach. Flame shader inspired by @Sam


Looks pretty good! It’s geometry or particle based? What’s in the shader?

Glad you like it! It’s particle based, around 60 for the flames and 60 for the sparks.
The shader consists of sine distortion waves for the UVS. Noise and Vertical Gradient times Particles Alpha for the Cutout, which then goes into a Gradient (black-red-yellow) for the Color.


Nice, thanks for sharing! The motion is really good, I’d just make it more orangey and less yellow. Also you can use depth fade to soften the areas where the fire overlaps with the firewood!

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Hey, thanks for the advice, I’ve added the DepthFade which improves the credibility.
I also realized I was multiplying the Noise twice, which is not necessary. Now I am multiplying the Gradient Mapped result by the wave mask to cut off some of the excess, but keeping a bit of the blue shimmer which is a happy accident from the gradient mapping process.

Here is an update on the material:


Just a last tweak to have the core of the fire more solid again.


That fire is lit dude. Thanks for posting your breakdown

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