Skeletal Mesh Location not working on play mode

Why does skeletal mesh location not behave correctly when i enable the game mode? Link to the video below.

Because you assigned the mesh in preview.

You need to assign a source mesh for it to work in play.
This can be done automatically by attaching to an existing skeletal mesh, by assigning it in BP, or by manually assigning it from the details pannel

I would not like to use BP for this so how can I manually assign this source mesh?

Make a SkeletalMesh UserParameter, set it as the input in SkeletalMeshLocation.
Drag the system into your level, drag a skeletal mesh into the level.
Go to the properties on you system, and select your skeletal mesh as an input for your SkeletalMesh UserParameter

It works! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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