Skeletal Mesh Location in Niagara won't follow anim

I’m simply trying to spawn particles to a skeletal mesh that will then maintain their localized position on said skeletal mesh until they die. So if the mesh animates, the particles should move with the anim. I’m told Skeletal Mesh Location has this built in. But it’s not happening. It seems to instead take a snapshot of the post the character starts in at particle spawn, and then rotates that mass/pose as the character moves.

I also tried Initialize Mesh Reproduction Sprite but that just turns everything invisible in-game so big waste of time. This fx is set up through a game cue if that makes any difference.

Works fine, are you adding the Update Repro Sprite in Update? :wink:

Add skeletal mesh location (or update mesh reproduction, but it’s a bit heavier) to update.

Make sure persistent ID is turned on! if not they will select a new position when the ID’s get swapped.

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Skel Mesh Location seems to not stick them to the surface though? 4.26.2

I use it all the time in 4.26, so I’m 100% sure this works :smiley:

You need to make sure you call it in the update stack, it will resample the skeletal mesh and assign/output the new location.

Yep, used it ages ago, but some reason in my test it wont keep them attached like using Update Repro. It either spawns all over every frame as if I am not using Burst 1x, or they fly off as if using inherent vel… strange.

It spawns all over, even with persitent ID’s turned on?

yep, with and without IDs on -

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Hmm, I’m not really seeing the issue, I’ve opened my project and looked for other potential issues, but I can’t find anything. weird!

Thanks for all the info folks, it got me to a good spot with the fx. It turns out there is a Randomness Mode in Skeletal Mesh Location that needs to be turned to Deterministic in order to stabilize particle positions. Took me forever to figure out bc I assumed Checking it would turn on, not realizing it was already on and checking it just allowed me to alter it.

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