Site Outage from 1:30am - 5:30am PST. Restored to Image from 9pm

Hey everyone,

I steamrolled past my limits as a system admin last night while attempting to setup a few new tools for us to use. The site went down around 1:30am PST, and I’ve finally decided to cut my losses and resurrect from my backup before I started all of this, around 9:15 pm last night. I’ll have one of our engineers help me get past this road block from here.

More unfortunately though- I forgot to enable “read only” mode to prevent any users from posting/liking/messaging between the time I made the backup and now, so while traffic was extremely slow, I might have lost some of your interactions on here:

If you made any posts between 9:15pm PST last night (5:15:00 AM) and this post, the odds are high that it was lost in the restore process.

I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience - I’d made it almost three years without doing something that hit the live site like this.