Sin Unity Realtime VFX Course—Video Introduction

Hello guys I come from china,this is My first course of unity realtime vfx:Unity次时代特效表现课程_Sin课程-Magesbox unity超写实特效表现课程_Sin课程-Magesbox
it took me one year to prepare



:rofl:how can I insert the youtube video

Directly paste the URL and it should embed

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing <3

@Sin amazing, is there a way people not from China can buy this? Or it’s only available in China? Awesome stuff there!

wow I see it!THX NateLane!

yes it is only support Chinese language :rofl: only available in China so far

@Sin oh well, maybe one day. Thanks for posting the video and images tho, it looks soo good. I will have to figure it out on my own how this is done :slight_smile:

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This looks amazing! I would love to buy this course but I’m not from china :frowning:

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Stunning… Thanks for sharing this. Really inspired me

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Whoa, amazing quality VFX!! Would love to learn how to do that! Will there be an English version?


only Chinese version so far :rofl:

hi,I saw the vfx course you work on,in magesbox and your own website——,it is a nice thing for vfx artists in the industry :+1:

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thank you for visiting my site and appreciating my work.

Hey Sin, does this include the project files if I purchase it? My Chinese is very bad, but if the files are there and I can study them, then I’d still be interested in getting the course since that’d be enough for me to be able to figure out what’s going on.

If it gets an English version of the course eventually consider me enrolled

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:+1: :+1: Amazing!! !

Impressive! Would you like to put it on Artstation Marketplace? Somehow China’s sites always block my VISA so I can’t pay for that. Don’t worry about Chinese part, I use it as well :wink:

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Looks amazing! would instantly enroll if I could understand chinese :-/