Showreel Feedback

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could give me feedback on a collection of my work. I’m currently trying to put my showreel together so need a little bit of direction from more experienced folk. Any feedback you could provide is greatly appreciated as well as any advice on anything I could create that may be missing from my work.

I’ve been using Unreal for just under a year now. The first 6 months were spent understanding the workflows of the engine and the final result being the subway scene which can be seen in my work. Since finishing that I have spent the last 4 months exclusively playing around with VFX which can also be seen in my work.

Thanks for your help again guys


Added a little more to my work, did some shuffling of the editing and tidied up a couple of my VFX. I intend to add more polish and possibly a couple more VFX but here’s my work in it’s current state. Once again, thanks your time guys. :slight_smile:

nice. ID ont think your portal needs to close and open twice. I get the idea from one run.
your train scene, am i to take it you did everything in this scene?

the tornado feels really static, you might try putting in some displacement on that mesh so it gets a wiggle, and adds in some “natural” randomness.

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Awesome, I’ll get working on this straight away. I’m semi tempted to start the tornado again from the ground up. I’m having a lot of issues with it. Possibly it’s a bit to advanced for my right now.