September Sketch Anouncements

September sketch anouncements

As you might have already noticed there has been no sketch anouncement this month. We figured people might be a bit burned out by last months Embergen Challenge and wanted to provide something a little bit lighter.

Instead we will be having two smaller events this month before launching into full on sketches once more starting in October.

October sketch vote

We will be having our first ever community voted sketch in october. Everyone will have their voice in choosing which topic we will sketch next month.

Click Here to vote right now!


Furthermore, for the last week of September we will also have a small vfx jam. We will be posting a topic every day of the week and you will have one day to make and post the effect.
Naturally you do not have to participate every day, you can pick and choose the topics you like.

More on this later this month!

The jam will be running from the 28th of september, until the 4th of October.

That’s all for now, we look forward to your participation in these events.



Ohohoh! I sense a overload of community prettiness. Suuch an awesome idea! can’t wait :fire:

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Looking forward to the Jjam, thanks for setting all this up!

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