Search For a Star Help! (Assessors, goodies and prizes)

Hey Guys!

How are you all?

So i’m in need of some help. We have a Challenge we do for VFX every year that helps graduate VFX students break into the games industry. I know quite a few of the guys in this group actually have been part of the competition and will know quite a lot about it too!

Loads of ways you guys could help out!

  • Assessors - We need judges to be able to review what these guys do, this could be us just sending you a piece of there work and reviewing it or coming to the finals day and “interview” these students.

  • Goodies - If you could get some merch from your studio to send these guys that would be great too! we give out goody bags that are usually filled with pens, lanyards, coasters and tops.

  • Prizes - so these are usually a little bigger that the goodies as they are usually like steam keys and things of that ilk for the winners of the competition.

  • Sponsors/Partners - So we have studios that help us sponsor the competition and this is a great way to get your name out there to these students to show your support on helping the industry nurture future talent and you would also be part of a great award winning initiative which always makes your studio look good!

Would any of you wonderful people be able to help out with this? It can be just to help mark some of the portfolios, judge or help out a little more with the goodies and prizes unless you could be a huge help and maybe get your studio to sponsor?

Any help would be amazing and I can send you more info on it if you would like to.

All the best!