Scytha: Sketch #23



I’m not doing a lot of Real time VFX lately so this is a good chance to up my game a little








I went with a more “nature” approach. I’ll update when I have more :slight_smile:


So first things first, finding some cool references!

A lot of the star guardian skins on LoL have some cute aspects, and I can definitely get some inspiration out of these:

Next I made a color reference scheme with colors I think will work well with a cute effect:

I’ve also made a composition of shapes that imo give a cute effect feeling:


awesome! I like it that you’re going for a more Nature approach. Ivern might be good for reference :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reference!


Those trails are looking really nice! Are you using a custom shader or is it just a nice texture with scrolling UVs?


The front one is only a scrolling texture:

The darker one lerps the “vine” texture with a scrolling noise texture.



I think I’m done :slight_smile: Feedback is always welcome!


Hey, love that you chose to make a league effect and especially the nature side, isn’t done that much :smiley:

Though I think when designing the effect you should take a couple of things into account when it comes to gameplay.
The area of effect should be more clearly defined when you’re making an area of effect spell, the area is important and it should be easily understandable what the boundary of the effect is. (so for Ivern the boundaries of that specific spell dont really matter since that spell is only used to kill jungle mobs)

Also you’re not guiding the eye outward from the middle, and since I guess you’re making an area of effect spell, filling the area and creating visual interest in that area is pretty important, otherwise the different layers could be seen as seperate effects.

And lastly the walls of the effect are fighting for attention and become visual clutter since it’s paired with the border that is the same pattern and color.


Thanks for the tips! I thought the area was pretty clear by using the ring around the effect to be honest. Could you explain a bit more why this doesn’t work? :slight_smile: I was also not sure about the border so it’s good to hear that I was not alone on that. I had the border effect in the circle first , I’ll try changing it up again and see if that helps.


Hey Scythe, looking good !
As you are making a league effect, I guess you have take a look about the pdf they shared ?
In my opinion, I assume that the AOE need a bit more contrast, as it’s a bit the same than the background right know, or may be it’s due to GIF compression… To answer your question about why it doesn’t work, try to take a screen of you effect and White/Black filter, and in theory you will see what’s need to be more clear !

Also, I would add some other additional animation and movement, only aesthetic purpose, in order to give more sensation of nature and organic. May be the AOE growth non uniformly ? Or the spiral in the center growing too ? You have a solid base for now, may be you could take a look to push it a little further :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips! I will work on the effect tonight, let me know what you think once I update it.


What I meant is that the border of the area isn’t clear to me, so in game that would be a problem, the border between being outside of getting the effect/heal/damage/whatever and being inside it should be instantly clear.


More feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

I might change the circle to more of a circle with ornaments inside the circle for more clearity.