Scrolling Distortion and UV issue - UE4 Material Editor [SOLVED]

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could help me fix this material. I have a basic scrolling noise texture hooked up to a gradient mask. The aim being to have a sphere that distorts only slightly at the bottom but alot at the top.

However I notice that when I increase the intensity of the distortion the Texture Coords are affected and creates a diagonal band that the distortion seems to follow.

Can anyone explain why this happens and how to fix it? Would help me out alot! many thanks :slight_smile:

You can lower the value of the multiply attached to the texture sample, and I generally multiply with tex coordinates instead of adding.

If I multiply in my texcoords my texture disappears completely does that not happen to you?

Also if I just lower the multiply value then I don’t get nearly enough distortion on the texture.

It’s diagonal because you’re adding a value between 0 and 1, to U and V → It’s only ever going to get distorted in one direction.

Try using a normal map (Component Mask RG), then scale that down like you’re doing and add it to the TexCoord.

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Also, if most of your pixels are a in light grey range (it seems that you don’t have that much black in your texture), then it’s a bit like you adding a small constant in both x and y and some noise on top of that.

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Switching out to a normal map fixed it! thanks everyone, much appreciated, I also think I get what is happening now :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to use a normal map, just multiply by 2 and subtract by 1 to move it from 0-1 space to -1 to 1. I believe that gets you what you want.