Scifi FX - My First Steps in Shader Code World

Hi Everyone

After trying to write a shader Code for a Shield SciFi FX(UNITY CG in my case) i finished by adding more controles to my shader and creating more variation and nice looking Scifi effects to use for Gameplay,environment and UI.

I used UNITY to write the Shader and Houdini to Create my Geometries and manipulating UVs.

Hope you guys like the results :slight_smile: .

SciFi Spheric FX PACK from Khalid Nait-Zlay on Vimeo.


Cool stuff man. Good work!

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Some of those transitions are completely bad ass!

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Wow really nice, looks awesome :smiley:

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Thanks guys !!! :slight_smile: i Will continue to add more features (Fresnel…etc).

This looks awesome Nice work man

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Nice work!! It`s amazing!!

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