'Sacred Geometry VFX Volume 1' breakdown

Hey everybody! Hope you are staying safe & healthy!

I recently revisited one of my old projects and reworked it. For this project, I really wanted to focus on color, so luckily I finished a few color related courses while reworking and even pinned down a few workflows (will definitely share them in the future :blush: )

I recreated 9 effects in total and you can find the full breakdown here: https://www.paulinami.com/sacred-geometry-vfx-rework

Heheh, I also recommend coming to my blog section, where you can find all sorts of goodies, like other resources & tutorials.

Blog: https://www.paulinami.com/blog

Have a creative week ahead! :heart:



Thanks for posting! Breakdowns are always super cool to see. Keep’em coming!

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Thanks for the kind words