Ryvanc: Sketch #37 Scary

Despite being a big fan of horror movies, it’s been difficult to nail down something to shoot for. I think for starters I’ll try an old painting that transforms from a plain portrait to something scarier and go from there as time permits to find creepier things to add



While the gears are turning in the back of my mind on how to try and execute this in Unreal, I’ve got a rough sketch of the type of portrait I’d like and I’m searching for a good picture to use.

I’d like to take on the challenge of painting my own, but my art skills aren’t good enough to do it quickly so I’m prioritizing on UE4 as the focus of this exercise :wink:



I really like the first one on the left. Going from an innocent young dutchess to a whatever-she-really-is-behind-that-beauty would really help the contrast and keep the illusion of the power she has to keep that monster hidden inside. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good Luck!!

That’s certainly solid logic from a story standpoint! If it was a full 3D film shot I’d probably try that :grinning:

For this one though, I had more of an older matriarch in mind, and I managed to track down something I think will do nicely.

Now to process and tweak it a whole bunch to make it scarier . . . .

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Oof! Real life has been monopolizing my time, but I’m finally back on the 'puter doing fun stuff! I found some good “angry” reference to guide my morphing this kindly old lady into something more horrific (sorry “Mrs Adeline M Noble”!) :grin:


I’m also testing out some liquid sims in Houdini to see whether it’s worth using that or just hand-painting textures - we’ll find out!

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Whew! I’ve spent most of the last week packing boxes for an upcoming move so all I could do was read and comment a bit, but I’m finally back (for now). I did an angry version of my nice old lady, now to get some particle sims and other fun stuff happening :wink: