Ryvanc: Sketch #34 [Splash]


Here’s the final iteration with some updates with varying flying droplets and new ground splatter.

In any case, I’m glad I was able to find time to participate in this round :slight_smile:

I’m going to see what I can do on this in the next couple weeks. I’m still fumbling through the basics, but I came across the straightforward jangaFX splash tutorial @colossaladvent mentioned and got off to an encouraging start with that! :grinning: I’m going to aim for a ground splash with a few styles of particle emission and decal as a start and then add to that if there’s time left


I’m still in the early days of learning the mountain of information about Unreal so it’s pretty simplistic with just a couple particle emitters and basic shaders with erosion maps, but it’s starting to feel splashy! :grin:

The material network is from the jangaFX splatter tutorial and works pretty well:

Next up is the decals for water hitting the ground

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Between this tutorial on Triggering Blueprint Events with Particles by @tharlevfx (thanks mate!) and this tutorial on Spawning Decals by Dean Ashford, I’ve got some droplet splash marks in there now.


I know it’s nothing mind-blowing, but it’s a start :grin:


note that you can apply a decal material to a particle as well, and spawn those ‘decal particles’ from inside cascade with an event generator!


Cool, thanks for the tip!

Looks much better than my tutorial version. I like how the droplets are whats left over. Great!


Thanks @JangaFX, it was a great tutorial!

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A bit more done on this one; following the suggestion from @Bruno, I switched from the blueprint to just a decal emission for the ground splatters and it works just as well. I tried another big decal for directly below the main splash but it’s not quite there even with the detailed splash texture so I’ll probably make something custom for that. I’d also like to get variation on the droplet shapes so will look to do a few more textures for those this week before the end, too :slight_smile: