Russells VFX tutorials for Beginners (just started!)

Hey guys,

Im starting a tutorial series on youtube. You may know me from my SoulerCoaster tutorial here on the forums and 2 textures scrolling together technique taken from the great Mr Julian Love . My first videos are going to be pretty rough and may not be very coherent. But I hope they will get better over time. I just wanted to give back to the VFX community and hopefully help out those that want to get started in VFX.

A lot of the tutorials will be on rather basic VFX subjects. So some of these may bore the more veteran VFX members of our forum. I hope to build a few more over the long weekend.

Please bare with me as I try to get better at this!

Link to Material : High Res Material Nodes

Link to Material : High Res material Nodes

If anyone ends up using anything from these tutorials. Id love to see what you create with them! Link them below.


Step 1: Copy your Link.

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Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!


If you mean embed the youtube link, like this, then it looks like you got it already. (Click the little chain icon and input into appropriate fields.)

I saw an opportunity and I took it. I regret nothing. (^ _ ^ Heh heh)

Looking forward to seeing what you make with this! :smiley:

Is there a topic in particular you have in mind?

You are smiling too much)) But it is okay, thanks, it was very helpfull for real beginners))

You got me :sob: with that embed link, well played

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Personally, I would get rid of the facecam, it’s just taking too much valuable space and it’s probably wasted time for you to animate it moving around :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, I might be the bad guy here, but I kinda skipped the rest, because that Winston shield was done by many other people already and I think their tutorials weren’t that bad. Love the plot twist though, that you are actually from Blizzard :smile:

Thanks for doing this awesome tut, Russell - shared on cebas communities on facebook.

Next to the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down on the video’s page, there’s a little curved arrow next to “Share” click that little guy and it will give you a condensed link to copy

Thank you for doing this! You got one new subscriber !!!

Thanks all for all the reply’s! I was honestly only expecting 1 person to even glance at this haha.

Ninjin: Yeah animating the facecam through the guide itself was a real pain in the ass and blocks the view. I learned that after editing for 45 minutes :sob: ) . Ill only have my face at the start and end of my videos from now on. I’ll probably be able to speak more direct and clear too (not promising anything though haha). For some reason managing your thoughts while looking at a camera instead of your subject is really hard! I am very aware that the shield had been done many times before. Its kind of why I started with it. Because if I was trying to teach something very new, I wouldn’t want my lack of experience to get in the way of teaching it :stuck_out_tongue: Ill hopefully have more new topics in the future. Some will be repeats for sure though. Im not sure thats a bad thing though. Theres 387493274983 tutorials out there on how to shade a circle for example. But each one has their own style.

Mez: Thanks Mez, for the help getting the link done. Im glad I got it right in the first place. Do you happen to know how people get a little image as their threads thumbnail? My thread looks so dull without one haha.

Cebas : thank you very much!

Asuran : Im… not super sure what to do with that feedback lol

Travis : Ooooo thank you! Ill do that for the next video.

K_Pekov : Thank you! Hopefully I can be some more use in the future

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Well, as far as I know, the first image at the top is what gets shown. Nothing fancy here just paste the link to the hosted file ( and the site auto-magically should give this…


Again, only the top most image gets shown. There is no way for you to, as of yet, select what gets shown other then editing your original post. If you want to change what the image is you have to edit your post each time.

Haha, guess ill just shoehorn in a random picture at the top of the post for now. Just so I have some kinda picture. This is easy enough!

Thanks again for the info

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If you past a link onto a single line, the site will attempt to load in a thumbnail for your video.

Like this but without the slashes :smiley:

Your topic thumbnail is the first piece of media that gets found in that topic.

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Thanks man, that’ll help a lot!

Speaking of Which, New video up!

This videos about a very simple technique using sphere meshes to bulk out your effects without much overdraw.

High Res Material node graph : High res image


These are going straight on to my watchlist. Thanks!




That was all I could pay attention to for like, 5 minutes :rofl:

I didn’t say it, but I was thinking it. :smile:

I think, this thread might just have the best thumbnail on the whole forum.


Great, thank you
These are going straight on to my watchlist. Thanks!


Dammit Russell , miss ya broski good to see you making videos :smiley: