Rocksteady Studios - 2 Senior VFX Artist Roles

Hi all,

I’m a Producer at Rocksteady and we are looking for 2 Senior, Regular or Junior VFX Artists to join our current team of 1 Lead and 3 Seniors.

If you would be interested then could you please email me on and I’ll pass on your portfolio then get back to you in the next few days if they did want to set up a Skype interview (please do send a detailed portfolio or reel if you do get in touch).

The job spec is on our site if you want to take a look: Rocksteady | Welcome to Rocksteady Studios

Finally, below are our studio’s benefits and a bit about our studio culture:

  • We try to make world class AAA games with only 150 staff by hiring great staff then giving them lots of trust and ownership on parts of the game

  • We have 1 team who all work in a single open plan room on 1 project so we are very close knit despite being a AAA studio

  • Relocation includes 1 month in an apartment, freight costs of goods and a personal advisor who helps you find a flat, set up a bank account etc

  • Private family medical & private personal dental care

  • World class training speakers hosted in our mocap theatre

  • Annual bonus scheme

  • Contributory pension scheme (You pay 4%, studio pays 8%)

  • Life Assurance and Long Term Illness Cover

  • On-site subsidised Masseuse, Yoga, Life Drawing, Parking & Haircuts

  • Quarterly salary & promotion adjustment reviews & an annual bonus scheme

  • Gym in the office complex

  • Access to entire DC catalogue on Comixology

  • Flexi-time so can start 8am-1030am and leave at 430pm-7pm

  • Weekly film nights in our Mocap theatre

  • Free Bootcamp sessions at lunch 2x per week

  • Football 2x per week at lunchtimes

  • RockClubs: Boardgame, Wargaming, Football, Photography, New Parents, Biking, Running

  • Pre-release screenings of WB films in their private cinema

  • Invites to WB London film premieres

Finally, I appreciate it doesn’t have many reviews but feel free to check out Glassdoor to see what a few of our team think of the studio.


I have some ex-colleagues from Guerilla Cambridge that say it’s a really awesome environment :slight_smile: If someone’s in the UK or wants to go for it outside, definitely recommend it. Also the Batman games are awesome as well!