Riot Creative Contest 2017 - VFX - Parag Ponkshe




As usual I am very very late to start working on it. I hope I will be able to finish this before deadline. :crossed_fingers:

Here is first pass of ‘Suicidal Butterflies’ :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Initial smoke looks bad I guess. Also there are too many dots in overall I need to think something for it.
I am still thinking what to use for charge and channel effect, as well as need to polish alot of stuff.

All suggestions, critiques welcome. P.S I need your suggestions.

P. P. S. I hit simulate button 0.02 seconds late so there is a delay in recording. Sorry about that.

Parag Ponkshe


I like the first pass! I’m with you on the “late” too. Was traveling during the entire holiday time we had at work, so i took a week of just to start working on this contest again


Ah nice I am not alone then … I am a procrastinator that’s why this delay.
I hope to find some motivation.


Small Update :

Made a basic scene around. Added decals and smoke fumes, and some minor timing tweaks.
Still thinking about projectile or some sort of bomb to throw on it.
Oh yes, I need to work on butterfly texture-sheet, They are disappearing at last frame.

P.S. Added a slow-mo in the end, I don’t know why I love to see particles in slow motion :D.

Parag Ponkshe


Small update :
Fixed butterfly texture, minor fixes in timing. Started working on first part.
I am still not sure what to make for first part, Maybe a cocoon or something. Banging my head on wall for ideas.

This time I used FRAPS as bandicam was skipping frames, FRAPS also has its own limitations, but for time being its working OK.

Parag Ponkshe


Small update :
Added charge VFX blocking, I m not quite happy with that, I might change it soon. Timings are wayyyyyy off.

Fixed alignment issue of butterfly impact decals on sphere.

Parag Ponkshe


Updated Charge VFX

Parag Ponkshe


Experimenting with charge FX. I am still not sure what to do.


That’s looking really cool already.

How about some telegraphing?
How long until the attack is going to hit,
Where is it going to hit?
What area is going to be affected?

Good luck!


Finally a feedback … Thanks alot for your suggestions. I ll try to incorporate that in next update after I figure out what to do with charging fx.


Updated charge FX. Tweaked Impact a bit. Now butterflies which are coming back are more faster. also the impact glow size is bigger so it feels more natural.
Somehow impact decals got changed in tweaking, I ll fix it in next update.

Need to fix timing for charging and colors. Also I ll update projectile as I haven’t touched it since start.

P.S. No Gif this time. Too tired and lazy to make one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Parag Ponkshe


Updated charge FX further more. Added some vertex color opacity to petals.
Started working on projectile now.

Parag Ponkshe


Looks nice! I think it’s a cool idea!

I do think that the butterflies are moving a little too fast when gathering up into the ball though. It’s almost a little jittery. And the little flash when they launch from the ball is a little underwhelming compared to the initial chaos of the butterflies. It’s missing that aggression, or the initial aggression needs to be toned down slightly.
The impact explosion is visible for a little too long I think, or there’s the lack of other things moving. It almost feels a little like there’s a lag when the explosion hits. The motion when the butterflies goes out and then back in feels really good!

Keep up the good work! It’s really getting there!



Thanks alot for your suggestions, I really really need it. I ll try to fix all these issues. Lag in the end might be due to video compression.
Thanks alot for giving feedback on charge FX, I was totally blank about it. Now I have a direction to go for it.

Few more days left. Lets see what all fixes I can make in this time.
Thanks again for feedback.

Parag Ponkshe


Updated charge VFX, Added secondary color, Still not happy with it and I am running out of time. :frowning:


I am wrapping it up now
Updated color, Purple looks much better than cyan.


After some nail-biting/headbanging days finally submitting the final version of this VFX, Suicidal Butterflies(they are really angry lol).

Had a lot of fun working on this project. Learned a lot of new things including some basic C# scripting. I figured out some really great tricks while working and solving issues.

There are lots of thing which could’ve been done with this to make it better. I think I started off really late.
Lesson learned - Last minute color adjustments can be harmful :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you all will like it.
Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:



Well done dude! I’m really digging the effect.


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