Riot Art Contest - WIP

I’ll like to share here my work into the RIOT Art Contest. Feedback is welcome ^^.

I started with a fast sketch for a DarkStar Bard skin (just VFX)

Some references from League of Legends.

I started to create the portal too, and then, I read the guidelines again c: First tip: Dont read a guidelines and start to work in the contest if you didn’t sleep in two days.

I leave the portal here, i’m happy with the WIP.

Okey, now, with the correct guidelines, i had some fast concepts for the new project. Finally i decide to get something similar to the Bard’s Q with the BlackStar topic, but adding some personal ideas.

And now, i have something in movement inside Unity ^^!
Feedback is welcome, thanks for reading! <3


Hi :grin:
I like your effect !
You could share how you did it. Through the cylinder mesh? And how did you set the motion?

Thanks c:!
It was created using turned shapes and panning a texture along them with custom data
Also, each mesh is instanced as a particle with random init rotation and it rotates on that axis along time, with some speed to increase that movement feeling.


I’m really busy this days, but i have something now :D.
Feedback is, as always, welcome and loved <3.

On my roadmap I have, some polish on the hit cilinder, adding some constellations shapes along to it, add a “shot” effect on the main champ and create the zonhyas+specialmagic effect on the sphere when hits.

Thanks for following it!


I love the motion. <3

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Nice, it’s starting to come along.
I think you could play with height a bit more, maybe a bit of a magical wall on the side of the impact circle

You could also make the effect quite a bit brighter during the few impact frames.

Thanks, i’ll like to improve the timing to make the movement feel more organic c:

Thanks! Bit a bit ^^
Yeah, when i took the bloom out i lost a lot of height on the impact. Thanks for that reference. I’ll ad more staffs on the cylinder and more height on the out shape.
TY for the cool reference.