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Hi Everyone,

I started doing real-time VFX seriously about 2 months ago and have just finished my first official showreel. I’m going to use this topic to track my progress and hopefully I get the chance to do some write-ups on weird techniques and shaders I accidentally stumble into.

Richard Stokes Real time VFX Showreel 28th July 2018 Share

Today I learnt how to properly link videos on this forum. Already I’m making progress!

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Incredibles 2 is amazing. There are so many cool effects I threw together this Voyd portal in Unity as soon as I got back from the showing. I just need to add the see-through part now. Probably not something to start at 20 past 11 though.

I’ve learnt a TON about 2D animation doing the cartoon fire here. The biggest lesson is when anyone tells you to keep it simple stupid you listen! The fire animation was a nightmare to in-between. My friends got to listen in on me over discord as I slowly broke out into uncontrollable giggling.

Not only that I made this nifty little arcane thing that I wished I planned out the purpose of better:

And I’ve improved the Voyd portal I made last post!

Next up I’m slamming hard into Houdini!

Polished up a couple more effects and put them into my show reel.

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A couple of Gifs from the latest projects I’ve been working on. I’ve started building up the move set of a MOBA character based on a mage/navy sea captain. The ULT move was inspired by that scene from Battle for Azeroth where Jania decimates a castle with a flying boat.

And the other project I’ve got on the go is a set of Ghostly drums. The effects are about 99% finished I just need to animate the drumsticks better.

I could use some critique for these two as they are the first pieces where I’m dictating my own creative direction so please let me know any thoughts you may have.

I’ve started a VFX blog. Hopefully I’m better at updating that than I am updating this thread.

You can find it here:

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Sneak peak at what’s coming in the next blog.

New blog is out over on the blog thread and I’ve posted the end showcase here: